Thursday, May 18, 2006

Favorite words

I'm not sure I can keep the list to just five, Meg! I have a love of language. I've often thought that if I had my life to do over, I would study language. Not one language in particular (although I'm partial to German as it is the only 'foreign' language with which I'm familiar) but I think I would love to learn how language defines a society's culture and vice versa.

I love the way certain words look when they are written on a page. I like other words for the way they sound when you say them. Some words by themselves evoke strong emotion. Many words that I would consider 'favorites' have to do with my faith.
  • Holy

  • Sovreign

  • Blessed

  • Chosen

  • Love

  • Jesus

    Meg said...

    Wunderbar! Ich liebe Ihre W├Ârter! And I love the emotion behind your choices.

    I took one class in Linguistics, primarily examining English dialects, and I LOVED it. I would love to have studied further. The differences of sounds are fascinating to me. Oh, and did I mention that I studied German, too, lol?

    ArtcMom said...

    Excellent choices! Even though I have german blood pulsing through my veins...I don't know any! So...what Meg said!!!

    loonyhiker said...

    Nice choice of words!

    Kristen said...

    I know what you mean about some words just looking right in print. Sometimes I'm terribly disappointed when I find out how they're actually pronounced.

    Zephanee said...

    Yes, I can totally understand the love of languages. I was one class away in college of getting a French minor, but couldn't fit it in with my elementary education degree. (I was already taking so many hours that I had to have special permission from the Dean.) But I still love to hear French being spoken.

    Since I currently live in Germany, I can see where your love of German came from. It is such a strong language and so unique. I'm going to be taking a German class soon, so hopefully I will understand my neighbors when they talk to me! :)